Dowty - Gear Pumps

We are a recognized dealer and authorized distributor of “Dowty” for a wide range of Dowty gear pumps. Our products are known for their characteristics such as easy installation, low energy consumption, light weight, minimal maintenance, corrosion resistance, perfect finish, and durability. Due to these characteristics, our products are used in the automotive and defense sectors, and in the agricultural and construction equipment industries. Also, gear pumps are used in hydraulic applications.

Owing to our years of experience, we are able to offer customers a wide range of gear pumps. The products we offer are in strict accordance with international quality standards. We offer these products in various specifications to our clients spread all over the world.

Gear pump characteristics

High performance

Corrosion Resistant

Hassle-free performance

The listed performance data pressures are the maximum deflection of the relief valve

Performance with SAE 20W at 50°C

Dowty - Gear Pumps
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