What is a hydraulic Rexroth valve?

Hydraulic Rexroth valves are precision engineered components manufactured by Bosch Rexroth to control the flow, pressure and direction of hydraulic fluids in a wide range of applications. These valves, which include directional control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, and proportional valves, play an important role in hydraulic systems. Direction control valves allow starting, stopping, and changing the direction of fluid flow, while pressure control valves regulate hydraulic pressure to maintain safe operating conditions.

Flow control valves manage hydraulic fluid flow, and proportional valves provide precise proportional control based on input signals. Rexroth hydraulic valves are recognized for their exceptional quality, reliability and performance. They find applications in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and transportation, where hydraulic systems are an integral part of the operation of equipment and machinery.

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How does the Rexroth hydraulic valve work?

The Rexroth hydraulic valve operates on the principles of fluid dynamics and pressure control. The specific working mechanism of a Rexroth hydraulic valve depends on its type and function. However, I can provide an overview of how hydraulic valves work:

Fluid Flow Control: Hydraulic valves regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid within the system. They usually have ports that allow fluid to enter and exit. By positioning the valve, the operator can control the flow direction and select the port connected to the inlet and outlet lines.

Spool or seat design: Hydraulic valves often use a spool or seat design. The spool valve consists of a cylindrical spool with carefully designed channels or holes. The spool is moved by an external force, such as a solenoid or a manual actuator, to open or close specific channels, thus controlling the flow of the liquid. In contrast, a pop-up valve consists of a movable disc or cone that closes or opens an orifice to control fluid flow.

Pressure Control – Many hydraulic valves include pressure control features. Pressure relief valves are designed, for example, to limit and regulate the maximum pressure in the hydraulic system. When the pressure reaches a certain limit, the valve opens, allowing excess fluid to overflow or back into the tank, thus maintaining safe pressure levels.

Electric or Manual Operation: Rexroth hydraulic valves can be manually or electrically operated. Manual valves are actuated manually or by mechanical means, while electrically actuated valves use solenoids or other electrical actuators to control the position of the valve based on electrical signals.

Proportional Control – With proportional valves, valve position and fluid flow are precisely controlled in proportion to the electrical or mechanical input signal. This allows for precise and proportional control of the hydraulic system.

What are the different types of hydraulic Rexroth valves available in the market?

Here are some types of Rexroth Hydraulic Valves available in the market.

Direction control valves – These valves control the direction of fluid flow in the hydraulic system. Rexroth offers a range of directional control valves, including check valves, spool valves, pop-up valves, and solenoid-actuated valves. These valves are used to control the operation of hydraulic cylinders, motors and other Rexroth hydraulic motors.

Pressure Control Valves – Rexroth provides pressure control valves that regulate the pressure within the hydraulic system. These valves include pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, series valves, and pressure compensated flow control valves. They ensure that the system operates within safe pressure limits and maintain constant pressure levels.

Flow Control Valves – Rexroth provides flow control valves that regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid in the system. These valves include butterfly valves, flow control valves, and flow separators. They control the speed and direction of the hydraulic actuators, allowing precise motion control and preventing excessive flow.

Proportional valves: Proportional valves are used for precise control of hydraulic systems, where flow or pressure must be proportionally adjusted. Rexroth offers various proportional valves, such as proportional directional control valves, proportional pressure control valves, and proportional flow control valves. These valves are often used in applications that require precise control and precise adjustment.

Servo Valves – Rexroth manufactures servo valves, which are high-performance valves used to precisely control position, speed, and force in hydraulic systems. Servo valves are commonly used in applications such as industrial automation, aerospace, and robotics, where high precision control is essential.

Cartridge Valves – Rexroth offers a range of cartridge valves that can be integrated into manifold blocks or custom hydraulic systems. These valves are compact and modular and allow for easy installation and maintenance.

These are just a few examples of the hydraulic Rexroth valves available in the market. Rexroth offers a wide range of valves in different sizes, configurations and features to meet different hydraulic system requirements.

Bosch Rexroth isolation valves prevent flow in one direction while allowing free flow in the opposite direction. The range includes:

Check Valves, Manual To Shut Off: Z2S6 | Z2S10 | Z2S16 | Z2S22 | Z2S32
Check Valves: Z1S 6 | Z1S10 | Z1S 16 | Z1S 22 | Z1SRA | S6-S30 | S52 – S150 | M-SR 6-30 | M – SR 52-150
Check Valves, Trial Run: SV6 | SV10 | SV15 | SV20 | SV25 | SV30 | SL6 | SL10 | SL15 | SL20 | SL25 | SL30
Pre-filling valves: ZSF | ZSFW | SF | OSS | SFE | SFS
Shut-off valves, 4/2 and 4/3 isolation valves: Z4WE6 | Z4W (E) H10-4X | Z4W (E) H16 | Z4W (E) H22

Directional valves control the flow and direction of movement or rotation of hydraulic actuators. These Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Valves include directional seat or spool valves (either direct or pilot operated):

Directional Seat Valves:

SEC 6 | M-.SED 6 | M-.SED 6… XE | M-.SED 6… XN | M-.SED 10 | M-.SED 10… XN | M-Su 6 | M-.SEW 6…XE | M-Su 10 | M-.SEW 10… XE | SE | M-.SE 6… XD | E-.SE 6… X | W-.SE 6…X, M-.SM. | M-.SH | M-.SP | KSDE.8 | KSDER0 | KSDE.1 not available | KSDE.1 each | M-Z4SEH
Directional Spool Valves, Direct Acting: WE 6… E | We 6 ../B..XD | We 6 ../.E..XE | We 6 ../B..X | We 6 ../.E..XN | M10…c | United States 10… e | Wed 6… h we 6… 73… a 12 | 5-.US 10-5X | VEDS-10A-43 | VEDS-10A-53 | KKDEN8 not available | KKDEN8 C/G/U | KKDER1 P/N | KKDER1 C/G/E | KKDER1 D/E/F | KKDER8 not available | KKDER8 C/T/U |
WH6 | WH6…XC | WHZ6 | WN10 | WP6 | PT6…XC | WPZ6 | WP10 | MMM 6 | WMM6…XC | 10 mm | H-4WMM | WRM6 | WMU6 | WMD6 | WMDA6
Sliding directional valves, experimentally operated: WH | H-.WH | WEH | H-.WEH | H-4WEH… XD | H-4WEH… XE | which – which? H-.WHH | WPH | H-.WPH | WMMH | H-. WMMH | WMRH | H-. WMRH | WMUH | H-. WMUH | WMDH | H-.WMDH | WMDAH | H-.WMDAH.

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