What are the key features of Veljan hydraulic pumps?

When we talked about Veljan hydraulic pumps no one can beat them in performance and reliability. These pumps are composed of Pure quality Stainless steel and can be used in fire-resistant fluids as well as with mineral oils. Now let’s talk about some key features of Veljan Hydraulic Pumps which make it no1 Pumps in the market. Here are some of them:

Various Product Range: Veljan hydraulic pumps offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of different types of industrial applications and hydraulic systems.

Large Power Range: Veljan Pumps offers a diverse range of single double and triple vane pumps in various flow capacities. The pressure and related power limits of all pumps vary on an individual basis. All pumps are light in weight and built with advance technology that gives exceptional strength.

Cutting Edge Technology: These pumps are manufactured using advanced modern technology that is at the forefront of hydraulic pumps delivering high performance and efficiency.

Low Noise: The special thing about these pumps is that they have been kept at low noise level limits. Veljan Hydraulic Pump and Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps have a quieter operation than bi-directional cartridge pumps, allowing for greater controllability.

Maximum Speed Ratings: The speed ratings of these pumps are also affected by specific gravity, suction head and viscosity. It has minimum speed rating: 400 and maximum speed rating: 3600 rpm. 600 rpm for industrial use and 400 rpm for mobile. All series have different speed, flow and pressure ratings to meet all customer needs.

Wide Temperature Range: These Veljan Hydraulic Pumps are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures providing high performance in varying climates, temperatures and conditions.

Cartridge Design: Another feature of Veljan Vane Pumps is that it provides you with the convenience of pre-assembled cartridge kit which can be changed quickly and easily without any hassle. And the chain can also be changed very easily by changing the cartridge of one of the pumps.

High Efficiency: Their high-tech technology reduces heat generation by 94% resulting in mechanical efficiency reducing energy even at low speeds and high speeds at full pressure. This efficiency increases productivity and reliability.

Veljan Double Vane Pump VT6CC

How does a Veljan hydraulic pump improve performance in industrial applications?

Veljan hydraulic pump improve their performance in industrial applications in many ways:

  • Veljan Hydraulic pumps have low ripple pressure that reduces the piping noise and increases the performance of other major components in the circuit as well as their life.
  • Due to the High resistance particle combination, double lip increases pump life and makes it energy efficient.
  • Veljan Pump offer a variety of option for customized installation like cam displacement, shaft, port positions.
  • Low pressure, low speed and extra greasing allow the pump to provide a cool environment with minimal energy consumption without the risk of seizure.
  • The camming of Veljan Pump is coated with dry lubricant which makes it suitable even for serious applications. This special lubricant also reduces wear and increases the life of the pump. Due to this, the surface of the cam starts cooling quickly.
  • The side feed holes of these pumps reduce the risk of leakage and create more balance. Its pressure improves lubrication and cooling.
  • Loading pumps control the discharge pressure to a certain ratio, which reduces wear and prevents overpressure.
  • The single Shaft option allows to generate of 550 or 1000 rpm on large engines like tractors and the double shaft allows mounting direct gear boxes.

What industries commonly use Veljan hydraulic pumps?

Veljan hydraulic pumps are used at different levels in various industries because their advanced technology and efficiency increase their utility. Most of the Veljan Hydraulic Distributors stock all types of pumps so that the customer can get all types of machines.

However, one major sector that uses Veljan hydraulic pumps on a large scale is the construction industry.

These pumps are mainly used to power big machines like loaders, cranes and excavators. Which makes the work of lifting debris or digging easier.

Another major industry that uses Veljan hydraulic pumps is the agricultural industry. Agricultural machines also get more benefits from these pumps because these pumps run without stopping for a long time and also save a lot of electricity. And because of these pumps, tasks like harvesting, plowing and planting become much easier.

The automotive industry also manufactures its vehicles in large quantities using Veljan hydraulic pumps. They use it to improve steering and braking mechanisms as well as vehicle hydraulic systems.

Apart from these industries, Veljan hydraulic pumps are also used in the manufacturing sector in which they use big machines for making, molding and shaping metal, in which hydraulic presses play an important role. These pumps are also used in the mining industry to provide electricity to the equipment used for excavation, material transportation and ore processing.

Apart from this, Veljan hydraulic pumps are also used extensively in the marine industry which helps in smooth functioning of ship steering system, winch and cargo handling. Oil and gas fields also do not avoid their use. These pumps provide hydraulic power to their big drilling equipment.

Why Rexrothdistributor is best Veljan hydraulic pump distributor in India?

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Most frequent questions and answers

Veljan Hydraulic Pump offers high efficiency, and durability they are also easy to use.

The common way is to adjust the pressure relief valve, which is located at the back of the pump.

Yes, hydraulic pumps are designed to run continuously

Yes, Rexrothdistributor is one of the renowned distributors in India, they do offer Rexroth Hydraulic Motors too.

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